The specifics of the new NCCA building’s location, between Khodynskoe Pole’s future park and the shopping center now under construction, demand the creation of a typologically flexible exhibition and public space, an urban site of a new quality, rich in cultural life and urban activity, but still retaining a human scale and natural landscape feel.

The basic functional spaces of the Centre are placed on a single stylobate — ‘the hill’. A landscaped park is laid out on its roof, with pavilions housing the exhibition halls for the permanent collections and temporary displays, the educational and media center, café club and artists’ residences.

The public space on the roof and in front of the NCCA building will combine various scenarios and form an array of spaces of differing character — including social, transit, natural, indoor, open-air, viewpoints, static and dynamic areas. The rooftop paving employs several textures, changing where different zones meet, thus emphasizing the unique character of each zone.

Various areas are to be set up here for installations, outdoor workshops, film showings, and lectures. The vegetation thickens toward the edges and peters out toward the center, shaping the pedestrian routes. It will also be possible to enter many pavilions from the park, making it an integrated part of the complex as a whole.

The ground floor forms a single communicational space, linking up with the exhibition halls and the pavilions on the roof. This structure allows for highly flexible exploitation of space, utilizing differing scenarios for the movement of visitors among the exhibits. Additionally, entrance into the park may be arranged from any of the pavilions, enabling their use in independent large-scale exhibition projects.

The pavilions have an austere appearance, resembling natural geological features. Clad in natural stone tiles and polished concrete, their multi-layered and complex structure will evoke cliff formations. The parking space provides an important environment for the mulling over of recent cultural experiences, a transitional space between the territory of art and the city environment.

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Country: Russia


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The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation holds the international competition for the architectural concept of museum and exhibition complex of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts.

The open international competition will be held in two stages. During Stage 1 the Jury will select ten participants: five from the candidates who filed qualification applications containing all the necessary information about the participants, and five from the candidates who have developed draft architectural concepts for the museum. In Stage 2 the teams receive the competition brief and develop their architectural concepts, and the Jury selects three finalists. Read more…
You will find competition terms, application forms and samples, additional information on the competition and much more in our “Request for Expression of interest”